Certified Arborist Orlando

Certified Arborist Orlando

Do you need a certified arborist in Orlando? At McCullough Tree Service, we help you grow and maintain a beautiful lawn or backyard in your property thanks to our expert tree services.

Hiring the best Orlando arborist

We have the most experienced team of arborists on board, and they are experts in the plantation, management, and maintenance of all species of trees. Our expertise in tree maintenance helps our clients grow, nurture, and maintain the most beautiful lawns, gardens, and backyards. All our arborists are ISA certified and hold a bachelors' degree in arboriculture.

We are licensed to use pesticides and possess the most advanced tools to prune, hedge, and remove trees. As the #1 Orlando certified arborist, we offer comprehensive services for affordable prices. 

Top reasons to hire an experienced arborist for tree services 

As much as you enjoy the trees in your property for the wide array of benefits they offer, they can require regular maintenance and proper upkeep. Here's why you should hire an arborist:

  1. They are going to have the right tools, equipment, and other supplies to offer you with the best trimming, pruning, demossing, tree and stump removal services,
  2. They possess the knowledge, expertise, and experience in handling different species of trees. They can accurately diagnose a tree problem and address before it aggravates.
  3. They will identify potential tree problems in the early stages and help mitigate the damages. They can also provide expert advice on growing and maintaining different types of trees for healthy foliage.

Also, if you have a tree-related emergency after a heavy rain, storm, or wind, calling an arborist can help you minimize the damage. An expert can also help you remove a dead tree and transport it to a safe location.

When to hire the services of an arborist

Trees require regular maintenance to prevent them from posing a safety hazard to people, property, and power lines. Here are some circumstances when you should hire a certified arborist:

  1. When your tree needs trimming and pruning -It can be dangerous for you to try trimming and pruning without special tools or any knowledge on tree maintenance. Hiring a tree professional can save you time, money, and can prevent mishaps.
  2. Tree removal - You must remove a dead or diseased tree as soon as possible to protect other structures, shrubs, vines, and trees in your property. When you hire an arborist, they will use top of the line equipment to remove the dead tree safely.
  3. Emergency tree services - Heavy rains, winds, or storms can cause trees to come crashing down on your roof or other structures in your property. Hiring an arborist tree professional who offers emergency tree services can help you mitigate the damage and transport the damaged tree to a safe location.

Your search for a certified arborist in Orlando ends here. We specialize in offering tree pruning, trimming, removal, demossing, and stump removal services. We are a BBB accredited arborist near Orlando, FL, with a skilled staff team. Call 407-734-5854 to speak to one of us at McCullough Tree Service.

Certified Arborist Orlando
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Certified Arborist Orlando
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