Orlando Residential Tree Company

Orlando Residential Tree Company

Orlando Residential Tree Company

Trees are a great addition to any landscape. With the right planning and grooming, they add unquantifiable aesthetic and protective value to residential and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know who to turn to when it comes to beautifying their landscape with trees or maintaining them. If you've been searching for a competent Orlando residential tree company, you need not look beyond McCullogh Tree Service.

What is an arborist, and what do they do?

An arborist or tree surgeon is anyone trained in the science and art of plating, grooming, and maintaining trees. If you want a luster landscape filled with beautiful trees, an arborist is the professional you should turn to. They are responsible for planting, providing structural support, pruning, getting rid of pests, preventing or treating diseases, and virtually any other task involved in the tree planting and maintenance process. Arborists also cut trees or trees that threaten the safety of the building or its residents by their positioning or health.

Why do I need an Orlando residential tree company to prune my trees?

It’s true everyone can trim trees. But only certified arborists know that tree pruning goes beyond cutting overgrown branches. A competent Orlando residential tree company will trim your trees according to the required standards. And you can rest assured the act will not affect the health of the tree.

When is the best time to plant trees?

Generally, spring is considered the best time to plant trees because the ambient weather and temperature facilitate the optimal growth of trees. However, this is not to say you cannot plant trees during the summer or winter. When you hire the best certified arborists, they know the right trees to plant at which time of the year.

When is the best time to prune trees?

Winter is the best period to hire residential and commercial tree trimming service experts. Trees are typically dormant in the winter, and pruning does no harm. You may also prune at any other time of the year as long as the tree is not budding.

Why do I need to hire a professional to remove my tree?

If you need to remove any tree in your residential building, it would be best to contact an Orlando residential tree company. Tree removal is a delicate process, and a lot of things could go wrong if not professionally handled. The tree could damage other structures in your property or, worse still, injure the cutter or passers-by. Arborists have extensive safety and tree removal training, and you can trust them to execute the removal perfectly.

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Do you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your yard? Or you want to prepare your property for the next big storm? Perhaps you need professionals to help you get rid of dead trees and infuse new life into your garden. Do not look beyond the best McCullogh Tree Service, the leading residential tree company in Orlando. Contact us on 407-734-5854. We’ll be glad to discuss how we can help and provide a free estimate.

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