Orlando Tree Removal Company

Orlando Tree Removal Company

McCullough Tree Service is the #1 Orlando tree removal company" href="https://mcculloughtreeservice.com/tree-removal/">Orlando tree removal company with several years of experience and an expert team of arborists. We inspect your trees for infections and diseases and offer pruning and trimming services to promote healthy growth and fruit production.

Three signs of a dying tree

You have a few signs to notice in a dying tree. For instance, if the tree no longer produces any leaves or flowers and appears to be bare, it could be a sign of dying. The same goes if you spot noticeable damage or infection in the roots of a tree.

Spotting fungus or insects on roots could also mean decay or rot, which warns the need for tree removal. We are a top-rated Orlando, FL, commercial tree company, and we specialize in diagnosing disease, infestations, and death in a tree and help our customers decide on the right course of action.

The best time to cut down trees

If you have a tree on your property that is leaning, or has upheaving roots or looks diseased or infested, you must call for tree service professionals asap to assess the situation and take immediate action. But, if your tree suffers from a less severe problem like scorched leaves, wilted leaves, improper pruning, drought effects, etc., it is ideal to wait until the tree goes into a dormant stage before you can take it down.

Trees go into a dormant phase in the late winter and remain that way until early spring. During this time, trees can be leafless and lighter, making it easier to cut them down.

When should I call a tree service company?

Trees can require regular attention and proper maintenance over the years. Here are some instances where you may have to call for a tree company in Orlando, FL:

  1. Pruning large trees - While you can handle the trimming of trees smaller than 25 feet, to prune medium and large-sized trees, you must call a professional. When you hire a tree service in Orlando, the experts are going to bring the right equipment to prune and trim your trees precisely and effectively.
  2. Planting a new tree - If you plan on planting a new tree in your yard, you must start on the right foot to ensure that the tree lasts for several years. Experienced arborists can take preventative measures to plant the tree at the right spot and at the right time, after a thorough consideration of the environmental factors and other potential threats.
  3. Removing an old tree - If you have a sick or dying tree on your property, you must have a professional tree removal company in Orlando remove it as early and safely as possible. This will prevent damages to your home, other trees, and structures on your property.

Contact McCullough Tree Service at 407-734-5854 or visit our website for a free estimate. We are a premier Orlando tree removal company with a large list of happy clients and exceptional tree maintenance services at affordable prices.

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