Palm Tree Trimming Orlando

Palm Tree Trimming Orlando

Palm tree trimming is done for different reasons, including palm tree care, aesthetics, health, and safety of the tree. Trimming involves the removal of fruit stalks and palm flower. While the formation of the seeds and fruit is natural, the process can unnecessarily weaken palm trees. Getting rid of the fruit and flowers allows the nutrients to reach the roots, new fronds, as well as storage reserves. If you're looking for a professional palm tree trimming in Orlando, we got you covered at McCullough Tree Service.

Safety Tips for Palm Tree Trimming

Here are tips for making sure the process of palm tree trimming is safe:

  1. Our Best Tip: Leave it to A Pro

Tree trimming is a dangerous job. To ensure your safety and everyone else’s, we recommend you leave the work to a professional company offering Orlando tree services. A reputable company can do a better and more efficient job than if you were to do it yourself. Grooming a palm tree takes a lot of effort and time, more so if you don’t have the right tools. Besides, professional trimming services save you money. In case of property damage during tree trimming, the repairs will cost way more than the tree trimming company charges. 

At McCullough Tree Service, we are highly trained, affordable, and have all the safety equipment needed to do a thorough job. No matter how many safety tips for tree trimming you know, the safer solution would be to let us take care of your palm tree for you. Our leading palm tree trimmers in Orlando, FL, have trimmed thousands of palm trees for our clients and know everything there is in terms of safe and clean tree trimming.

  1. Wear the Correct PPE

Put on leather lineman’s gloves to protect your hands. Tree trimming can expose your eyes to insects and dust; therefore, ensure you wear well-fitting eye protection. Be sure to wear shoes with slip-resistant soles.

  1. Protect Passersby

Mark off the work area around your tree to keep passersby safe. If the tree extends near a road, put on high visibility clothing. Check the shoulder length of the road and its speed limit to know the signs and cones required.

  1. Don’t Work Alone

It’s always advisable to have someone else help you. The other person can remain on the ground while you climb. You should also have a first aid kit with you in case of an emergency.

  1. Don’t Mess with the Power Lines

If there are power lines near your palm tree, steer clear of them. Doing otherwise is extremely dangerous and might even be fatal. Many people have died during tree trimming as a result of being electrocuted. As a rule of thumb, always assume that all power lines are energized and serious hazards. If you have to move close to the power lines to finish the job, it’s best to call your utility company to safeguard or de-energize the lines before the work commences.

Great Service at Great Prices

We’re a tree service firm specializing in lawn and tree service. Our team is led by second to none ISA-Certified Arborists trained and experienced in all aspects of Arboriculture. We will not only protect your trees but also improve them using the latest advancements in Arboriculture science. Contact McCullough Tree Service today for a free estimate for palm tree trimming in Orlando on 407-734-5854.

Palm Tree Trimming Orlando
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Palm Tree Trimming Orlando
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