Tree Company Orlando

Tree Company Orlando

At McCullough Tree Service, we offer residential and commercial tree services at affordable prices with a team of certified and experienced arborists. We are a leading tree company in Orlando with eco-friendly practices and ideal equipment.

What makes our tree company unique?

We are an experienced and locally-owned Orlando, FL, commercial tree company with three certified arborists on our staff team. We address all your lawn and landscaping needs at affordable prices and offer excellent customer service.

As a leading Tree removal company in Orlando, we have hundreds of positive reviews from past clients to vouch for our professionalism, expertise, and experience. We hold the license to offer uninterrupted tree service in Florida, and all the important insurance coverages for our staff. We also use top-of-the-line equipment to offer unsurpassable tree pruning, demossing, trimming, and removal services in Orlando.

Does insurance cover tree removal?

If a healthy tree damages your home during a storm or heavy winds, due to a car accident, or because of a lightning bolt, you may claim insurance coverage under dwelling and other structures. This insurance type offers coverage for damages to your home and other separate structures in your property, such as sheds, carports, gazebos, outdoor kitchen, etc.

You must call a Tree company in Orlando, FL, to inspect your trees after a major storm or wind in your area to protect your home and other structures from falling trees. A tree inspection can cost anywhere from $150 - $200.

When to call a tree service professionals 

When it comes to tree maintenance, you should entrust the task to a trained tree trimming professional if you want to protect yourself, your family, and your property. Here are some of the instances when you must call a professional tree company:

  • Overgrown trees - Most trees need occasional trimming for healthy growth and to stimulate fruit production. Hiring a professional can help you get a perfectly pruned tree, as the expert will offer you advice on how to maintain the tree and safeguard its health in the long term.
  • Signs of tree disease -All trees are prone to infections and diseases during their lifetime. If you observe signs of stress such as yellowed or withered leaves, lesions under the leaves, leaf discoloration, or abnormalities on the bark, you may need to call a professional to diagnose the problem and treat it.
  • Large and dangerous limbs - If you have branches hanging over your roof or chafing against your house, you must call for our tree service in Orlando to trim or prune your trees. Failing to do so can cause moisture problems on your roof and can act as entry points for rodents, insects, and other pests to your house.

Call McCullough Tree Service today at 407-734-5854 or visit our website to get a free quote. We are a highly sought-after tree company in Orlando, and we specialize in offering services like removal, trimming, demossing, and storm damage tree removal.

Tree Company Orlando
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Tree Company Orlando
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