Tree Removal Orlando

Tree Removal Orlando

Trees are an important aspect in many landscape designs. Although trees last for decades, centuries, or even generations, there might reach a time when you need tree removal in Orlando. When your tree is at risk of dying or falling, it’s crucial to enlist the services of experts as soon as possible. This will prevent the damaged or sick tree from becoming a safety hazard. Trees can also be removed or trimmed to provide better aesthetics. At McCullough Tree Service, we have top of the line tree service professionals who will remove your unwanted tree.

How Does Tree Removal Work?

Once you contact us, our tree removal company in Orlando will send the best professionals to your property. They will assess the situation upon arrival, determine your needs, and remove your tree if necessary. For a faster and less destructive removal process, our company utilizes crane assistance to remove hazardous trees from your residential or commercial property. Once the job is done, our professionals will also ensure that the area is cleaned properly.

What You Need

The government permits the residents of Orlando to cut trees only if they’re sickly, dead, or unsafe for the community. This is done to conserve the environment by reducing unnecessary tree cutting in the area.

You don’t need a permit if the tree is on a residential property and if you obtain proof from a certified arborist that the tree poses a danger to people or property. On the other hand, a permit becomes necessary if the tree is on a business premises or if the tree is on a residential property and you don’t have proper proof to show that it presents a danger.

Our tree company in Orlando, FL, comprises three ideal and qualified arborists, certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Our arborists can provide the proper documentation you require to get rid of an unwanted tree.

The Process

There are two main ways of removing a tree. If there’s enough space, the tree can be cut down in just one piece. Once it’s on the ground, it can be reduced into smaller pieces.

This method isn’t possible for a tree that’s close to power lines or buildings. In such a situation, the branches will be first cut off, starting from the top all the way to the bottom. The branches might be secured using ropes to prevent them from falling onto buildings or power lines.

If you prefer, you can have the branches removed or used as firewood. As for the tree stump that remains after your tree is cut, you can opt to have it completely removed. Stump removal is usually done at an extra cost as it involves a lot of work.

Tree Removal Experts at Your Service

For the best tree service in Orlando, we’ve got you covered. At Our Orlando FL commercial tree company, we pride ourselves in providing unsurpassed services through our team of qualified arborists. Available Monday to Sunday, our team will provide fast and effective solutions to your tree problem. Contact McCullough Tree Service on 407-734-5854 to get a free estimate of tree removal in Orlando.

Tree Removal Orlando
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Tree Removal Orlando
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