Tree Trimming Company Orlando

Tree Trimming Company Orlando

McCullough Tree Service is a leading Tree Trimming Company in Orlando with experienced arborists, top of the line equipment, and hundreds of positive reviews from previous clients. We offer expert Orlando tree services for residential and commercial clients at affordable prices.

Cost of tree trimming in Florida

The cost of tree trimming can range between $80 and $1,000, based on the size of the tree and where you live. While trimming small trees (less than 25 feet tall) can range between $80 and $350, the cost of palm tree trimming varies between $400 and $1000 (over 50 feet tall).

Remember that these are the prices for trimming one tree, and if you need trimming for several trees in your property, the cost will go up accordingly. We also offer valuable tips for palm tree care, so that our clients can help them nurture healthy foliage.

What month is best to trim trees?

Winter is an ideal time for pruning trees as all plants go into a dormant phase during the cold seasons. This makes it extremely easy to cut branches and unwanted limbs. During the spring, you should consider trimming, but only after the flowering phase is over.

Remember that fall is the worst time of the year for pruning because the trees are preparing to go into a dormant stage for the winter months, which can weaken the trees. Furthermore, if you are experiencing lots of rain, refrain from pruning at all costs, or it could result tree diseases.

Top reasons to avoid DIY tree trimming

We understand how hiring a professional for tree service can seem expensive. But here are some of the downsides to DIY tree trimming or hiring a cheap, inexperienced tree service provider:

  • Top professional arborists for the job possess several years of experience in tree services and are experts in diagnosing and treating trees for infections and diseases. As a layperson, you may not be able to tell if your tree is healthy, infected, whether it needs special treatment, etc.
  • Professionals have the right tools and advanced equipment to trim, prune, or remove a tree from your property. Trees can be extremely heavy, and, without the right tools, you may not be able to complete the job. If you chose to invest in buying the tools, it could end up costing you more than what you may pay an arborist.
  • There is a risk factor to the job, especially when dealing with trees that are over 25 feet tall. Without the right tools, experience, and safety equipment, you are putting your life in danger by attempting to fix the situation yourself.

Your search for Palm tree trimmers in Orlando, FL, ends here. Call 407-734-5854 to speak to one of us at McCullough Tree Service to schedule a trimming service. We are the best tree trimming company in Orlando, and we offer expert tree trimming, removal, demossing, and storm cleanup services at the lowest price. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

Tree Trimming Company Orlando
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Tree Trimming Company Orlando
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