Tree Trimming Service Orlando

Tree Trimming Service Orlando

McCullough Tree Services offers the best tree trimming service in Orlando at the best rates. The price of each tree trimming service provided by the company varies depending on the type of tree and the height of the tree.

For example, palm tree trimming can cost anywhere from one hundred to two hundred dollars. If the tree is over thirty feet in height, you may end up paying a higher amount. Trees that are higher than sixty feet can cost up to four hundred dollars to trim, but there are several other factors to consider. The location of the trees, the safety hazards, and the length of the branches are all factors that can determine the general cost of tree trimming.

At our lawn and tree service, we offer fair rates on all tree trimming services. Palm trees are traditionally trees with narrow trunks that are very tall. The height of palm trees is what makes them so tricky to trim safely and neatly. Not all Orlando tree services will charge the same reasonable prices we do at McCullough Tree Services.

Generalized Pricing Information for Tree Trimming Services

Palm tree care requires the branches of a tree to be trimmed at least once a year. By keeping up with routine tree trimming and care, you can save yourself a lot of money. Trees taller than seventy-five feet can be expensive to have trimmed because special equipment is required. Generally speaking, tree trimming services for palm trees can cost thousands of dollars, if you choose the wrong services provider.

Our team of palm tree trimmers in Orlando, FL, knows how to take care of all types of trees, no matter how tall they are. It is advisable to trim all of the trees in your yard or around your business before hurricane season kicks into high gear. Simple tree trimming can prevent severe hurricane damage from ever taking place.

Tree Trimming Services by the Hour

It is also possible to utilize tree trimming and care services that charge by the hour, but that is not a prime option for everyone. When having your palm trees trimmed and cared for, you can expect to pay at least seventy-five to one hundred dollars. At our widely trusted company, we have a history of offering the lowest rates for lawn and tree services in Orlando.

It is not required to tip tree trimmers, but tips are always appreciated, no matter what industry they work in. It is traditional to tip approximately fifteen percent of the total bill amount. Those who are extremely pleased with the quality of the services they receive have tipped as much as twenty percent of the total bill amount.  

Schedule a Free Consultation for Services

Interested parties should reach out to our staff at McCullough Tree Service by dialing 407-734-5854. Free consultations and services quotes currently are available to any resident in need of tree trimming, tree removal, or other lawn related services. Contact us today to ask questions and to learn pricing information.

Tree Trimming Service Orlando
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Tree Trimming Service Orlando
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