Palm tree pruning cost considerations

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: March 23, 2019

Here at McCullough Tree Service, we get lots of questions about trees, regarding their health, maintenance, and removal. Palms, such as Sabal palms — the official tree of Florida — are often a topic of discussion with our customers; Sabals seem to be everywhere, after all.

A common question we get on palm-tree trimming concerns cost.

Palm-Tree pruning Costs

There is no one-size-fits-all price for palm pruning, as many factors come into play. It’s best to call us for an estimate, so we can come out and see the palm that needs the maintenance and make a true determination; this is so you know what to expect, and we can answer any questions for you.

Basically, the shorter your palm tree is, the cheaper your palm-trimming cost should be. The taller the palm, the more expensive the work; a 30-foot-tall palm pruning is less expensive to prune than a 60-foot-tall palm tree would be, for example.

Then, within this height category is a wide range of costs, too. For instance, if you have a palm tree that is 30 to 60 feet, it could cost between $150 and $450 for professional pruning. For an 80- to 100-foot tree, it could be anywhere between $1100 range to as high as $1500 and up. The key takeaway here is just how large the tree is, determines the amount of labor, and therefore the cost.

The size is not the only thing determining costs. Depending on the condition of the palm tree can also impact the costs of trimming it. If you’ve had your palm tree trimmed regularly, your cost would not be as high as a neighbor who only pays attention to his trees once every five years, for example. The longer the tree has been allowed to go without pruning, the more expensive it will likely be. Consider having regular trimmings scheduled to save costs!

The key is regularity! By regularly pruning and keeping up with your palm trees you can decrease costs and keep your palm healthy. Regular maintenance jobs are less expensive than emergency work, like after a hurricane that’s snapped and weakened a palm trunk for example. If roping — the practice of putting a rope around trees to contain them if they are too close to things like buildings — is used, it’s labor-intensive and adds to the overall cost. If a palm needs to be completely removed once we get to your property, the tree’s grinding and removal charges add to the overall cost.

Here’s a summary of these determining cost factors:

  • The height of your palm-tree
  • The condition and health of your tree
  • Distance from buildings
  • and whether it needs to be ground and removed

McCullough Tree Service

This isn’t to say that pruning your palm-tree yourself is a good idea. There is a reason for the relatively high costs of trimming and pruning your palm-trees: it is dangerous and difficult work. Professional tree crews have the experience and equipment to get the job done safely.McCullough Tree Service is such a company!

Call McCullough Tree Service today, and keep your palms thriving and beautiful.

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With over two decades of experience in the tree industry, Shelby McCullough is a highly skilled certified arborist and the proprietor of McCullough Tree Service. His unparalleled expertise and profound understanding of trees set him apart in his field.