5 Trees That Attract Birds and Butterflies

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: February 27, 2023

trees that attract birds and butterflies

One of the benefits of living in Florida is enjoying time outdoors, and a beautiful yard or garden can do more than boost curb appeal. Many Florida property owners can invite birds and butterflies to their yards by planting native plants that provide a source of food, protection, and nesting materials. Below, McCullough Tree Service shares a list of five trees that attract birds and butterflies, so you can enjoy more wildlife at your property.

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Attract Birds and Butterflies with These 5 Trees

1. Eastern Redbud

The eastern redbud tree grows well in North Florida in partial shade. With a height of 20 to 30 feet, these beautiful trees make an excellent option for commercial and residential properties of all types. These trees produce pink blooms between March and May, offering an excellent nectar source to local bird and butterfly populations. 

2. Black Willow

Willow trees provide food, nectar, and nesting materials for birds and butterflies. These deciduous trees can grow into 10-foot bushes or 60-foot tall trees, depending on the health and location of the plant. They produce non-showy green and yellow flowers that attract many kinds of butterflies.

3. Wild Cherry

If you want aromatic trees that attract birds and butterflies, consider planting a wild cherry tree on your Florida property. These trees stand 40 to 90 feet tall and do best in full sun to partial shade. Birds enjoy these trees as a fruity food source, and butterflies love the nectar produced by the clusters of small white flowers. 

4. Flowering Dogwood

Many homeowners plant flowering dogwoods as front yard and garden trees to enjoy the white, pink, or red blooms. These trees grow between 15 and 40 feet tall and provide nectar for local birds and butterflies. Birds also flock to flowering trees because they’re attracted to the bright colors.

5. River Birch

The unique river birch tree grows in wet climates to heights up to 70 feet. Birds, butterflies, and other wildlife visit these trees for nectar, seeds, and easily peeled tree bark, perfect for making nests. River birch trees prefer full sun to partial shade and grow quickly in North and Central Florida. 

Let McCullough Tree Service Help You Maintain Your Trees

If you’re searching for trees that attract birds and butterflies, consider the trees listed above or other native species that will thrive in Florida’s hot and humid climate. Visit our blog to learn more about selecting trees for your residential or commercial property, such as these shade trees for small yards. 

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