Tree Demossing

McCullough Tree Service

Tree demossing is just what it sounds like. It involves climbing a tree and removing the moss that’s on it. In Florida, the main mosses that we remove are Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides). Heavy moss can shade leaves, and slow the growth of a tree. Spanish moss is not only unsightly, but it can also weigh down a tree, breaking branches. 

One key factor that hinders your tree growth is that if the moss becomes to broad, prevening light to reach other parts of your tree and not giving sunlight to other leaves, your tree can become unhealthy. 

One of the (if not the only) essential things to remember about tree health are leaves, leaves, and leaves. Mosses can hinder leaf growth which is not good for your tree health. 

Spanish Moss Removal

Spanish Moss isn’t moss after all. In fact, it is a bromeliad and in the same family as succulent plants and pineapples. Though you wouldn’t be caught adding Spanish moss to your work desk or on a pizza, it’s not completely detrimental to the health of your tree. 

Despite common misconceptions, Spanish moss is not from Spain, its origins span from South America into the US and Caribbean. Another common misconception is that Spanish moss is a parasite; it is not. It’s an epiphyte. The plant, in fact, thrives on rain, fog, sunlight, and airborne dust and debris. What makes Spanish moss harmful to trees is: 

  • Weight 
  • Lack of sunlight to other branches 

Many mosses may not be detrimental to the health of your tree, but when too much of it starts clinging to branches, it can weigh down your tree—which can cause potential damage to your tree and your home. Which is why at McCullough Tree Service we offer tree demossing. 

We will determine the process based on: 

  • The health of the tree
  • Moss substantiality
  • Your needs
  • Tree strength 
  • Tree type

We offer a wide range of demossing solutions for your trees. 

Demossing Professionals

At McCullough Tree Service, we are professional demossers. You want a professional with years of dedicated experience to help demoss a tree? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Demossing should be done by a certified arborist (luckily, we happen to have 3 on staff). Demossing, done poorly, can defoliate a fair amount of leaves from the tree. The key to tree health is amble leaf population. In fact, it’s estimated as much as 30 to 60 percent of foliage can be lost if done incorrectly. That’s why it’s important to have a tree doctor on call. 

Our goal is to leave the foliage on the tree intact when removing Spanish moss. We also emphasize the importance of proper tree maintenance and care. A healthy tree tends to self manage moss populations. 

Residential and Commercial Tree Demossing

As a family-owned tree company, we make sure that we offer reliable demossing services to both residential and commercial properties. We offer individual service that helps foster strong relationships with our customers and that ensures the best horticulture services.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to changing the horticulture industry. We seek to bring the best tree services to our clients such as:

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