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An arborist is a tree surgeon. What does that mean?

It means that an arborist is certified in the cultivation, management, and study of all types of trees, from shrubs to vines. In a nutshell, an arborist focuses on the health and safety of plants and trees. 

certified arborist

Tree Services by Local Professional Arborists in Central Florida

The benefits of consulting ISA-certified arborists to examine a tree means that with years of training and proven experience, they can address the needs of your tree, whether its tree trimming, demossing, tree care, or tree removal—they will know the proper path to take when it comes to the health and vitality of your tree life for your home or business’ property. 

certified arborist

Certified Arborists On Staff

At McCullough Tree Service, we have 3 certified arborists on staff. In order to become a Certified Arborist in Orlando, you need the following: 

  • At least three years of full-time experience working as an expert in the tree care industry association
  • Pass an examination covering facets of arboriculture and tree care

A Certified Arborist understands: 

  • Tree biology
  • Tree identification
  • Tree, soil, and water relationships 
  • Tree nutrition
  • Fertilization 
  • Planting 
  • Tree trimming and pruning 
  • Tree preservation 
  • Tree risk management

At McCullough Tree Service, we are certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). As part of the ISA, we make sure that we use our expertise for the good of our customers to promote healthy tree practices to enrich their home and business’ curb appeal.

Tree Removal by Certified Arborists

With 3 ISA-Certified Arborists on staff, we can remove an unwanted tree. We will give you our expert opinion on tree removal and offer best practices to ensure the safety of your home, office, or other trees. We’re here to offer you superior tree removal and tree care services as the true, reliable experts you can trust. Learn more about our tree removal services. 

certified arborist

Tree Trimming by Certified Arborists

With our residential and tree trimming services, we can make you the talk of the neighborhood. With our professional tree trimming services, your yard or landscape will give your home curb appeal. Learn more about our tree trimming services. 

certified arborist

Tree Demossing by Certified Arborists

Many mosses may not be detrimental to the health of your tree, but when too much of it starts clinging to branches, it can weight down your tree—which can cause potential damage to your tree and your home. This is why at McCullough Tree Service we offer tree demossing. Learn more about our tree demossing services. 

Tree Services by Certified Arborists

We put a professional arborist spin on our tree services, ensuring that we promote optimal health for your lawn, tree, and plant life. We offer the following services as certified arborists:

  • Tree risk assessments
  • Written and verbal reports
  • Tree maintenance plans
  • Tree fertilization
  • Tree injections
  • Tree cabling and guying

As a family-owned tree company operating in Central Florida, we make sure that we offer honest tree services that foster and grow strong plants and stronger relationships with our customers.

Here are a few of our other tree services:

  • Tree Removal 
  • Tree Demossing
  • Storm Damage Tree Removal

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We are a team of dedicated, professional arborists changing the arboriculture care industry. We seek to bring the best tree services to our clients at an affordable cost.

Contact us today to get a free quote and start a journey that will make your lawn look unforgettable. Call us at 407-734-5854, or email us at sales@mcculloughtreeservice.com.

What is a certified arborist?

A certified arborist is a tree expert with specialized training and education.

Do I need to hire a certified arborist?

It is always best to hire a certified arborist for any tree care needs, especially if you have large or mature trees.

How do I find a certified arborist near Central Florida?

You can search for certified arborists in Central Florida online or through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Call McCullough Tree Service to get a free quote.

What services do certified arborists offer?

Certified arborists offer a wide range of services, including tree removal, trimming, planting, disease diagnosis and treatment, pest control, and risk assessment.

How much do certified arborists cost in Florida?

The cost of hiring a certified arborist in Florida varies depending on the specific services needed and the size and complexity of the job. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 per hour for arborist services.

What are the benefits of hiring a certified arborist?

Hiring a certified arborist ensures that your trees will be cared for by a qualified professional with the knowledge and experience to keep your trees healthy and safe.

Which certified arborists are near me?

McCullough Tree Service is a certified arborist serving Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area. We offer a free quote on all tree services.

Do certified arborists offer free estimates?

McCullough Tree Service offers a free quote on all tree care services.

Can certified arborists help me with Spanish moss removal?

Yes, certified arborists can help you with Spanish moss removal. McCullough Tree Service specializes in Spanish moss removal and can provide a free quote.

Can certified arborists help me with other tree care services?

Yes, certified arborists can help you with a variety of tree care services, including tree removal, trimming, planting, disease diagnosis and treatment, pest control, and risk assessment.

Can certified arborists help me with tree removal?

Yes, certified arborists can safely and effectively remove trees of all sizes and complexity.

Can certified arborists help me with tree trimming?

Yes, certified arborists can trim trees to improve their health, appearance, and safety.

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