Watering New Trees In Hot Weather: What You Need to Know

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: October 24, 2022

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watering new trees in hot weather

Caring for your landscaping during hot Florida summers can be challenging as temperatures become more extreme. Watering new trees in hot weather is a delicate task that requires a thorough understanding to help your trees survive.

Caring for new trees during Florida summers involves more than knowing how often to water your trees. Keeping young trees healthy during hot seasons requires knowledge of environmental factors and technical approaches to tree care. 

What You Need to Know About Watering New Trees in the Heat

How Much to Water New Tree Roots

The first question many homeowners ask is how often they should water their new trees. Since new trees depend more on abundant hydration to grow their young root systems, this is an important consideration.

While there is no standard answer, a general rule of thumb is five gallons of water every three days. Overall, this amounts to about ten gallons of water a week.

Additionally, consider the length of your watering cycles. One rule for this is to water your trees about three times as long as other landscaping.

Finally, it’s important to remember that more frequent watering is not always beneficial. Over-watering can be as detrimental as dehydration, depending on the soil type and tree location. Furthermore, the signs of dehydration are similar to those of overhydration, so remain attentive as you find the right balance.

Choose Strategic Watering Locations

While the amount of water you feed your new trees might be the most critical consideration, the places you water your tree matter, too. Since new trees still depend on their root ball as the primary water source, watering near this area is crucial. Additionally, change the side and spot where you water the tree, so it benefits from even water distribution and growth.

Use the Proper Equipment

Fight the battle of watering new trees in hot weather not only with water but also with weapons. However, your weapons aren’t swords or shields but hoses, sprinklers, and irrigation systems. Like these tools, different watering equipment can be better or worse for your tree.

Avoid relying on sprinklers since most of their water will evaporate before reaching tree roots. Deep watering techniques like drip irrigation or a soaker hose are better for new trees. These watering tools release water slowly and maintain soil moisture longer.

Take Advantage of Cooler Times of Day

Watering your trees during the early mornings or at night is best, as it avoids the peak heat and high evaporation levels of the day.

Use Additives Like Mulch to Assist with Moisture Retainment

Additives like mulch help retain soil moisture for longer. The longer soil stays wet, the more time your tree has to absorb water.

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