3 Ways To Prepare Your Yard for Inclement Weather in Florida

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: March 30, 2019

Are you prepared for stormy weather? Central Florida gets its fair share, including the occasional hurricane. Learn how to prepare your yard for storms, and when to call an expert for cleanup.

Tend to Your Trees
Your trees are vulnerable to strong winds, which can cause property damage or even uproot younger trees. Make sure your younger trees are properly staked, and that stakes are secured deep in the ground with strong rope. Trim weak or dead branches from larger trees to prevent flying branches from damaging your siding or breaking windows.

Consider hiring a professional to regularly prune the trees in your yard as a preventive measure. This not only adds to the beauty of your landscaping, but also serves an important safety function when stormy weather hits.

Never Top Your Trees
Despite what you may have heard, tree topping is both dangerous and illegal. Tree topping, or “hat racking,” is defined as the act of pruning a tree so thoroughly that few leaves remain. This leads to internal rot in the branches, which can cause the tree to split or fall as it matures. Always trim a tree branch to its base, or call an expert.

Know Which Trees Need Storm Pruning
Only certain tree species need pruning before hurricanes or high wind storms. Palm trees, for example, are adapted to Orlando weather and rarely need storm preparation, aside from removing coconuts and large palm seeds. Other trees, such as those with thick canopies, may require regular pruning and thinning. Trees with multiple horizontal trunks should be closely monitored as they mature, as they may pose dangers in high winds.

Preparing your landscaping for stormy weather is important for keeping your property safe and your trees healthy. For questions about our tree trimming and storm preparation services, please contact us.

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Shelby McCullough

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