Mushrooms Growing on Trees: Should I Be Worried?

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: October 3, 2022

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mushroom growing on tree

If you have mushrooms around your yard or growing on your trees, you probably have questions. Luckily, the professionals at McCullough Tree Service, the leading tree company in Orlando, FL, have answers.

We’ll look at any suspicious mushrooms growing on tree surfaces and give you an honest assessment of whether your trees are in danger. If you need to take action to protect your trees, we will help you devise a treatment plan.

Mushrooms That Are Probably Not an Immediate Concern

There are many types of mushrooms, and most are harmless to trees. They live in a wide range of environments and use organic matter for nutrients. If you see mushrooms around your yard that aren’t near your trees, you probably don’t have to worry about them causing any harm.

However, if you see a mushroom growing on tree roots or a tree trunk, it could be a problem.

Mushrooms that Indicate Heart Rot

Chicken of the woods is one form of fungus that hollows out the center of trees and makes them unstable. A distinctive cluster of flat mushrooms protruding from the tree’s bark signifies chicken of the woods infection. Susceptible trees include many types of hardwood trees, including elm, oak, and maple.

Mushrooms that Indicate Root Rot

The honey fungus is a mushroom that attacks tree roots. Kretzschmaria and Ganodermia are other types of fungus that strike trees through injuries to their bark or root system. Kretzschmaria can be easy to miss because it is a white, gray, or black growth without mushroom-like sprouting bodies. Ganodermia produces large white-ringed mushrooms that grow out of the ground near tree roots.

How To Prevent Root Rot

The best way to protect your trees from root rot is to avoid doing anything that could strip away the protective outer layer of the roots. If you are digging or doing any landscaping near the tree, be careful not to cut the roots or strip away any bark. Fungi can also enter a tree through gashes above the surface, so try not to hit the trunk with gardening implements.

What To Do About Root Rot 

In many cases, infections by tree fungi are not treatable in advanced stages. However, you might be able to treat root rot by ensuring that the tree has good drainage, is not waterlogged, and has fertilizer. A professional tree specialist can determine the best course of action after digging into the root system to determine the extent of the damage.

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Free From Rot With McCullough Tree Service

The best way to tell if your tree can survive a fungal infestation is to have the professional arborists at McCullough Tree Service inspect the mushroom growing on tree branches or roots. Our experts can provide precise diagnoses and treatment plans.

We can also help you select the best trees for your yard, prepare soil for tree planting, help your trees grow, and prepare them for the changing seasons. Call today at (407) 734-5854 for a consultation.

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