How Do I Remove a Tree Too Close to House?

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: July 18, 2022

Do you have trees too close to your house and aren’t confident in your ability to remove them? Call McCullough Tree Service for careful removals at 407-734-5854.

tree too close to house

Trees too close to the house can cause structural damage to your roof and siding. Fallen branches damage roof coverings and scattered debris prevents water from reaching the gutters properly. If you suspect you have a mature tree too close to your house, you can remove it yourself or rely on reliable tree removal by McCullough Tree Service in Orlando, FL

Our experts provide insight into removing trees too close to your home safely.

Steps to Remove a Tree Too Close to the House

Step One

Prepare yourself with the proper safety gear and ensure you have adequate chainsaw use experience. Remove all vehicles and other property that fallen branches could damage. Determine the tree’s lean to know which direction it will fall.

Step Two

The second step is to remove the lowest branches from the tree. This approach prevents topmost branches from colliding with other limbs, bouncing and damaging your house foundation, or getting stuck as they fall.

You need to be near to the tree too close to the house to remove the tallest limbs safely. Removing several of these bottom limbs before propping your ladder against the tree will let you get closer to the trunk.

Step Three

After removing the lower limbs, set up your ladder and remove the more minor, uppermost branches. Whether using a chainsaw or a traditional saw, it’s crucial to have a partner hold the bottom of the ladder steady. 

Then, remove the larger top branches by tying them with rope and lowering them to the ground to avoid unnecessary damage.

Step Four

Depending on the amount of space you have, you can either cut a V shape into the tree’s trunk and let it fall into large pieces or use the chainsaw to cut it into smaller pieces and lower them to the ground like the larger limbs.

It’s essential to understand where free-falling limbs could land. You can tie a rope to the tree and encourage it to fall in a particular direction by pulling it.

Step Five

Cut down or remove the stump altogether, and extract the tree roots with help from a professional tree removal service.

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If you have a tree too close to your house, don’t wait until it becomes a problem. McCullough Tree Service is your licensed, trained arborist and tree removal team serving the Orlando, FL, area. No matter your removal needs, we facilitate a successful procedure that minimizes risk to property and those around you.

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