How to Prevent Palm Rats in Orlando!

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: July 18, 2018

You might not think of tree care as a form of pest control but here in Florida it very much is. Palm rats — also known as roof rats, ship rats or black rats —are a Florida pest that earns its namesake for making their homes in palm trees, and any other tree. Palm rats do not exclusively make their nests in trees, what really attracts them is not the tree itself but the height. They will make their nests anywhere as long as it is high up, that includes roofs and attics.

Having trees around your home and not having it serviced by a professional tree service can pose a palm rats risk. They can jump a distance of about eight feet. Naturally rats spread and might move from high on top of a trees and jump onto the roof of your property and find a way into your home or business. And it doesn’t have to be your tree — it can be a tree on a neighbor’s property, where rats can take a shortcut to your roof via a neighbor’s overhanging limb.

The Dangers of Palm Rat infestations

  • Damage: Rats can and do chew on electrical wires, potentially disrupting your power or igniting a fire. They will eat through insulation. They have no problem munching through sealants in roof tiles to make their way inside, nesting in attics and crawlspaces.
  • Disease: Roof rats are vermin and carry disease, enough variety of disease to affect humans and pets: leptospirosis, murine typhus, rat-bite fever, the plague and more. Direct contact isn’t required, as their droppings can be contaminated, too.
  • General ickiness: Once palm rats get inside your house, they can die in eaves, crawlspaces or walls, resulting in a terrible odor. They build nests, reproduce and live inside, and are most active at night (and no one likes to be woken up, especially by scratching noises in the walls).

How McCullough Can Help

McCullough Tree Service recommends with keeping tree branches and limbs, especially citrus tree branches and limbs, pruned regularly, so they don’t become a rat superhighway to your roof and your home. We are known for our quality of work, safe practices and leaving a clean site behind. Give McCullough Tree Service a call today.

McCullough Tree Service

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Shelby McCullough

About The Author: Shelby McCullough

With over two decades of experience in the tree industry, Shelby McCullough is a highly skilled certified arborist and the proprietor of McCullough Tree Service. His unparalleled expertise and profound understanding of trees set him apart in his field.