Short Guide on How to Trim Tall Trees

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: February 1, 2022

how to trim tall treesTrees contribute to healthier air quality and improve the aesthetic value of your property. Having lush, tall trees growing on your property can be a symbol of vitality and affluence. As helpful as these tall green beings are, trees often become unmanageable as they grow taller and broader. You may be wondering how to trim tall trees.

As trees grow larger, living branches may grow gnarly and block windows or doorways. They can also grow into your neighbors’ yard, causing general annoyance, or extend to public property, leaving you liable for blocking traffic signs and pathways.

While trees tend to live longer than humans, they do not live forever. As they die, trees often fall apart, dropping dead wood to the ground and endangering passersby. Dead branches fall into the street and create hazards for drivers.

If you have a tree that needs trimming or cutting, it’s best to contact a professional tree trimming service. Cutting trees typically requires a tripod ladder (especially for taller trees), which can be dangerous for untrained individuals. Call McCullough Tree Service, Orlando’s trusted tree service company, at (407) 734-5854 today for assistance cutting trees on your property.

Trimming Trees Yourself

While it is best to contact a professional, we understand you may opt to do some trimming on your own. In this case, gather the following materials before you begin:

  • Pruning clippers and a pruning pole
  • Safety harness
  • Tripod ladder

Do not lean a flat ladder against the tree and climb. It’s better to use a tripod ladder that can stand on its own and allow better leverage. You want to be as close to the branches as possible to avoid making mistakes that lead to injury.

Note: If you notice any power lines running through the tree’s branches, live or dead, stop and have a professional take over.

Steps for Tree Trimming

  1. Place your ladder under the tree. Place metal spikes on the bottom of each leg and insert them into the dirt to keep the ladder from slipping.
  2. Climb the ladder and attach your safety harness to a sturdy tree branch. Next, attach the harness to your waist for security.
  3. Use the pruning clippers and pole to remove any damaged or overgrown branches. Be careful not to let branches fall on anyone below.
  4. Avoid trimming branches that are too high up or growing at sharp angles. Now you know how to trim tall trees.

Benefits of Calling a Professional

When in doubt, call a service that knows exactly how to trim tall trees. A professional will provide the best care to ensure your and the tree(s)’ health and safety. Trimming dead wood or dead branches may only be hazardous if pieces fall on people standing around, but cutting living branches can harm a living tree if done incorrectly.

A professional tree trimmer should use trimming methods that cut away unnecessary parts without leaving holes or cuts in the tree’s trunk. These kinds of injuries leave the trees vulnerable to infestation by insects or disease. Visit our website to learn more about proper tree trimming and protecting trees during the winter.

Our team of certified arborists is dedicated to maintaining the health and beauty of your trees, ensuring your landscape remains safe and attractive. Trust us to bring top-notch tree care solutions to your doorstep. Call McCullough Tree Service at (407) 734-5854 today to schedule tree trimming service in Orlando, FL.

Shelby McCullough

About The Author: Shelby McCullough

With over two decades of experience in the tree industry, Shelby McCullough is a highly skilled certified arborist and the proprietor of McCullough Tree Service. His unparalleled expertise and profound understanding of trees set him apart in his field.