6 WARNING Signs It Might Be Time To Remove Your Tree

When is the time to remove a tree?

It's a question we get asked all the time, and we're here to help you figure out whether or not you should remove a large tree around your house.

This video will explain how to know if it's time to remove your trees or if you just need to trim them down. We'll also show you a glimpse of how expert arborists remove big trees safely and professionally.

We know you love your trees. That's why we're here to help you understand when to trim them and when it's time to remove them.


  • The tree is leaning down the house
  • Dead, ugly, or loose hanging branches
  • Branches are too close for comfort to your home or power lines (or both)
  • Your tree has not been trimmed or pruned in the last 3 years
  • You want curb appeal, and your tree just isn't cutting it
  • If branches keep on falling on your house
  • If branches are hanging over your driveway or sidewalk


  • The branches are hanging over the sidewalk, and no possible major problem is observed
  • You want more light in your yard—but not at the cost of losing a beautiful tree!

When you need tree services, call us. We'll give you an expert opinion and a free estimate for the total cost.

McCullough Tree Services is proud to offer our clients the highest-quality tree removal, trimming, and other services available in Orlando, Florida. Our skilled arborists have years of experience managing all aspects of tree care, from pruning trees for maximum growth and health to removing dead or diseased branches.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their decision to hire us for their tree needs; we want our customers to know that they can trust us with their trees because they know they will be in good hands.

How Much Do Tree Services Cost?

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