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Welcome to McCullough Tree Service, your trusted tree company in Edgewater, FL. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier tree care backed by 2 decades of tree expertise. Our tree company in Edgewater offers a full range of specialized tree services near you.

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For the Edgewater community, we offer professional tree services that fit your budget. Contact us for a free estimate and experience affordable tree service.

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Professional Tree Removal

Our tree removal services in Edgewater are known for their safety and efficiency. Whether it’s a risky tree near your property or a simple tree removal in your yard, we handle it all with utmost care.

Tree Trimming

Need tree cutting service? We provide professional tree trimming and pruning services, which are essential for maintaining the health and aesthetic appeal of your trees. Our skilled tree trimmers near Edgewater ensure your trees are beautifully maintained.

Specialized Tree Demossing

In Edgewater’s unique climate, tree moss removal is crucial for maintaining tree health. With the helped of our certified arborists, our tree service in Edgewater effectively removes moss, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your trees.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Our storm damage cleanup services in Edgewater offer quick and efficient solutions, helping restore your property’s safety and appearance after severe weather events.

Certified Arborist Consultations

Our certified arborists provide expert tree care and personalized advice. Trust our arborists for accurate tree health assessments and tailored care plans. Get a free estimate today from the top local tree company near you.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Our stump grinding and removal services in Edgewater ensure a clean and safe landscape. We use modern stump grinders for effective stump removal and grinding.

Tree Planting Services

Enhance your landscape with our tree planting service in Edgewater. We assist in selecting and planting suitable trees for the Edgewater environment, ensuring their successful growth and beauty.

Residential and Commercial Land Clearing

We offer efficient land clearing services in Edgewater, ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Our team ensures an environmentally responsible approach to land clearing.

Why Choose McCullough Tree Service?

Choose McCullough Tree Service for our 2 decades of expertise, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. As one of the best tree companies that offer financing, we offer quality tree service in Edgewater, offering everything from tree cutting services to stump grinding.

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For top-quality tree service in Edgewater, FL, contact McCullough Tree Service at (407) 734-5854. We’re here to provide a free estimate and answer any questions about our tree services. Schedule a consultation today.

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