What is Demossing, and Do I Need It?

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: January 28, 2017

What is Demossing, and Do I Need It?

Reasons To Consider Demossing

Moss is abundant here in Central Florida – you may notice it hanging in trees all around Orlando. Some people love the look of moss hanging in trees, while other view it as a nuisance. Should you demoss your trees? Here’s what you need to know before making a decision.
Types of Moss
There are two main types of moss that grow on Orlando trees: Spanish moss and ball moss. Though they’re referred to as mosses, they’re actually bromeliads. This puts them in the same family as succulents and pineapples. Although these mosses grow on trees, they’re not parasites. Spanish and ball moss do not get their nutrients from the tree, but from rain and sunshine. The surfaces of these plants contain tiny grey scales that absorb more water than the plant needs, and saves it for dry periods. This is why Spanish moss changes color – it will appear green when full of water, and will return to a greyish-blue appearance in dry periods.
Moss Adds Weight
While moss itself is harmless, too much of it can add a lot of unnecessary weight to your tree. Over time, large amounts of Spanish moss can damage a tree when it gets wet and put strain on branches. Dense moss also decreases wind and rain resistance during storms.
Should I Demoss?
Demossing dense trees can improve their health and longevity, so trees with a pervasive problem may need periodic moss removal. On the other hand, birds use Spanish moss as nesting material, and some people like the look of moss on their trees. The decision to demoss varies from person to person and should depend on the amount on your tree and personal preferences.
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