Top 5 Trees to Plant in Florida

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: September 9, 2018

What Type of Tree Should I Plant in My Florida Yard?

Looking to plant a new tree in your yard? With so many different types on the market, how do you know which one will be the best fit? Picking the right tree from the start can make a huge difference in your yard, the health of the tree, and the cost to maintain the tree in your yard. Refer to the following top five choices for trees in Florida to help you determine which type of tree to plant.

Black Olive Tree

The black olive tree’s origins are in the Florida Keys, and it generates a small, non-edible black seed capsule. This tree grows to be approximately 40 to 50 feet tall, remains green throughout the entire year, and contains a smooth trunk that becomes a full crown as it gets older. However, the black olive tree’s leaves have tannins, which can easily stain surfaces if you don’t rake them up on a regular basis.

Live Oak Tree

With the ability to withstand hurricane winds, live oak trees are incredibly strong. These trees can serve as windbreakers, rendering them the ideal choice for establishing shade and providing property protection.

Mahogany Tree

Mahogany trees are famous for their red bark and are great for furniture construction. Unfortunately, many mahogany trees in nature have been cut down and utilized for their timber, so the species is now on Florida’s Endangered Tree list. Planting a mahogany tree not only adds to its sustainability, it also offers a flourishing canopy with ample shade for your property.

Ficus Tree

The Ficus tree grows exceptionally well in tropical climates, making it perfect for planting in Florida. These trees can get up to 100 feet tall and 100 feet wide if left to their own devices. In addition, you can shape their growth by pruning them effectively.

Gumbo Limbo

The gumbo limbo tree is known for its peeling red bark and branches that emerge relatively low to the surface. These trees are also able to handle the harsh winds of South Florida and the Keys, which is why they’re one of the top choices in these areas.

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