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McCullough Tree Service is a family-owned tree company with hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers. We offer various tree care services such as tree trimmingtree removaltree demossing, and storm cleanup in Zellwood, Florida.

We at McCullough Tree Service are proud to offer various tree solutions that will help keep your landscape safe and beautiful. Our team is experienced in all aspects of tree work and can handle any project size. Whether you need a simple trim or a large-scale removal, we have got you covered.

Our Tree Services

Tree Removal

We remove trees that have become hazardous, diseased, or otherwise damaged. Our team will assess your property to determine which trees need to be removed while ensuring we don’t damage any roots or other nearby vital parts of other plant structures.

Tree Trimming

We have years of experience with proper trimming techniques and will make sure you have a beautiful yard when all is said and done!

Tree trimming and pruning are a great way to keep trees healthy and prevent decay. Removing diseased branches, cutting off dead limbs and twigs, and shaping the tree’s canopy can draw more attention to your landscape.

Tree Demossing

If you have moss growing on your trees, you should immediately talk to a certified arborist because moss growth is harmful to trees. Our tree experts will use the proper equipment and procedures to safely and efficiently remove the moss.

Storm Cleanup

If you have suffered storm-damaged trees and need help cleaning up, we have the best equipment and workmanship to ensure that your yard looks like it did before the storm came through.

Residential And Commercial Tree Service

McCullough Tree Service is a full-service tree care company for homeowners, businesses, and land developers. We offer residential and commercial tree services in Zellwood, Florida.

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