3 Primary Reasons Why Trees Fall Down

By: Shelby McCullough| Published: July 25, 2022

why trees fall down

The American homeowner enjoys healthy trees that cast shade over their house and provide a home for wildlife. When these trees come down on their own, many people wonder why trees fall down and how to stop them from toppling. If you have a downed tree, read on to learn more about the three primary reasons trees fall and how tree services in Lake Mary help you avoid this problem.

Problems With the Roots

A sound root system holds your tree up and gives it the necessary nutrients to survive. Trees rely on roots to anchor them in the ground, falling easily when their root systems suffer from conditions such as insufficient growth and root rot.

Poor Root Growth

If a tree grows on hard earth, its roots may not be able to grow correctly. Since they may stay closer to the surface than usual, they make weak anchors as a tree grows. Young trees especially need to establish a strong hold in the dirt, so the younger the tree, the more likely it may fall.

Root Rot

Rotten wood appears more in older trees, especially at the roots. As a tree ages, it becomes softer and absorbs more water. Too much moisture in the dirt around a tree allows bacteria to grow, eventually weakening solid wood due to rot.

Bad Weather

Storms with high winds pull at tree limbs, sometimes making them fall over. Tornadoes and hurricanes may bring heavy rains causing waterlogged grounds. Soggy soil won’t hold roots down as well, weakening the anchorage that your trees need.

If you expect bad weather or have recently experienced a heavy storm, contact a professional tree service to help you inspect your trees.

Tree Damage

Your trees have other enemies besides weather and root problems. Some are natural and others are manmade, but all are worth keeping in mind when a tree falls. The most common of these additional concerns are insects and construction.

Insect Infestation

Trees attract a multitude of insects, including the dreaded termite. Termites weaken your trees by creating tunnels in them and eating the wood, and many homeowners wondering why trees fall down worry that termites caused the damage. If termites fell one tree, they can fell others, so it’s wise to deal with them as soon as you notice them.

Construction Damage

During construction around your home, unaware contractors may damage roots or dig them up to make space for specific projects. Whether intentional or accidental, losing part or all of a major root can kill your tree or weaken its hold on the earth. Tree services in Lake Mary like McCullough Tree Service can help you and your contractor determine root placement for tree-safe construction.

Protect Your Trees From Falling With Help From McCullough Tree Service

Before you ask why trees fall down, consult a professional tree service to find out how you can keep your trees in place. Call (407) 734-5854 to speak with our professional arborists at McCullough Tree Service.

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