Tree Company in Lake Mary, FL

McCullough Tree Service is a full-service tree company in Lake Mary, Florida, dedicated to its customers’ needs. McCullough Tree Service offers a vast array of unique tree services for both residential and commercial properties such as tree trimming, tree removal, tree demossing, and storm cleanup.

As a family-owned and run tree company in Lake Mary, we will address all of your needs as far as trees and your property are concerned. Joined with our experience-based advice, we will provide you with full property solutions for the community of trees on your property. 

At McCullough Tree Service, we are a crew of dedicated experts striving to transform the tree care industry. We attempt to bring the most reliable tree services to our clients at an affordable rate whether they are homeowners or business owners. 

Residential Tree Service for Homeowners

With our residential tree service for homeowners and the like, we can assist homeowners with their tree populations. We’ve helped everyone from new to old homeowners, renters, leasers, etc. who want their home to have curb appeal. Our residential services will transform your yard into something beautiful. 

Commercial Tree Service for Business Owners

With our commercial tree service for business owners and businesses, we’ve helped countless commercial properties and businesses transform their landscaping and tree population. We’ve helped alter properties that needed the curb appeal to attract new customers. We can flip any landscape with our array of services, from demossing to tree removal. We can help commercial realtors, and property owners turn a boring lawn into a new lawn. 

3 Certified Arborists on Staff

At McCullough Tree Service, we have 3 certified arborists on staff. What exactly is an arborist? An arborist is a professional certified in the management and cultivation of all forms of plant life. Simply put, an arborist focuses on the health of a given tree or tree population. That means we have the expertise to ensure that your plants are going to grow to their fullest. 

When to Call a Tree Expert

There are a number of signs that can indicate that it’s time to contact a tree company in Lake Mary. But essentially, when you need the following services, you know when to give us a call:a tree is close to power lines; dead, ugly or loose hanging branches; and branches are too close for comfort to your home.

With our professional services, we can help your concerns. 

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a way of removing tree limbs in order to revitalize the tree.

Tree Removal

With our dedicated staff, we can remove a tree efficiently. 

Tree Demossing

Mosses cling to trees and can weigh them down. That’s why we offer tree demossing.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

With our storm damage tree removal service, we can make sure that the trees that withstood the last storm, can withstand the next storm.

About McCullough Tree Service

As a family-run tree company in Lake Mary, we make sure that we offer tree services that can help our customers remove unwanted and dangerous trees, trim trees, and demoss trees. With our skilled and seasoned experts, we can help revitalize your property. 

As tree solution experts, we will listen to all of your needs and coupled with our educated guidance, we will provide you full property solutions for your resident tree population. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at 407-734-5854 or by email at sales@mcculloughtreeservice.com.

Our on-call staff will be there for you in no time. 

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