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McCullough Tree Service is a full-service tree company in Lockhart, Florida, that offers professional tree care services, including tree trimmingtree removaltree demossing, and storm cleanup for residential and commercial properties. If you have any tree problem. We’ve got the best solution.

Our Tree Services

Tree Removal

We remove dead, decaying, hazardous, or fallen trees while ensuring that your property is not damaged during the removal process. We utilize professional techniques and the best equipment for tree care available.

Tree Trimming

Our tree experts will trim your trees to ensure they are kept healthy and in their best shape. Our team will perform other tree care methods if necessary to ensure that your trees won’t give you any possible problems in the future.

Tree Demossing 

Demossing a tree is important to maintaining and keeping your trees healthy. A good demossing is ensuring you don’t damage any roots or other vital parts of the plant structure while removing the moss. The best way to do this is to team up with our certified arborists, who know how to handle this delicate process correctly.

Storm Cleanup 

We have the best equipment and workmanship to do the job right if you have suffered from storm-damaged trees and need help cleaning up. We offer a variety of tree cleanup services that will help you restore the look of your property.

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