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McCullough Tree Service is a family-owned tree company providing tree care services in Tangerine, Florida. As one of the top-rated tree companies in the area, we are proud to offer quality tree care services such as tree removal, tree trimmingtree demossing, and storm cleanup for residential and commercial properties.

Our Tree Services

Tree Removal

We remove dead, decaying, hazardous, or fallen trees so you can get back to enjoying your property. Our tree experts can also assess the rest of your yard to examine if there are plants and shrubs needed to be removed or taken care of to maximize their growth.

Tree Trimming

Besides keeping your trees looking in their best shape, trimming trees can boost their growth, make them healthier, and reduce the risk of tree-related hazards during storms. Pruning trees can also help keep your trees safe from pests and diseases that can harm them over time.

Tree Demossing

If you have moss on your tree, our tree experts can remove them effectively. Demossing trees help protect your tree from disease and insects like termites, which can cause significant damage over time if left unchecked.

Storm Cleanup

After a devasting storm, you might be left with fallen branches, broken tree limbs, and damaged or fallen trees. If you need help cleaning up after the storm has passed, our tree experts can do various tree care services to restore the condition of your property. Our team is trained in ensuring safety throughout all phases of restoring the state of your landscape. 

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