Tree Company in Winter Springs, FL

McCullough Tree Service is a family-owned tree company providing quality tree trimmingtree removaltree demossing, and storm cleanup in Winter Springs, Florida. 

We aim to provide excellent tree care service using only the best equipment and quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing the best tree care services to maintain your trees in their healthiest shape while ensuring safe working conditions for you, our workers, and the environment.

Residential Tree Service

McCullough Tree Service is a top-rated tree company when it comes to doing tree maintenance for local residential areas. Most homeowners from Winter Springs want to transform their landscape to make a good impression, and our tree experts can make it happen.

Commercial Tree Service

McCullough Tree Service can team up with realtors and property managers to help create an environment that supports your business while keeping the beauty of nature alive in your city or neighborhood.

Certified Arborists

Our Certified Arborists are ready to ensure your trees are in good shape and that they are being cared for correctly. Our tree experts can take care of your personal landscape or business-owned trees and make recommendations on what course of action would be best in your situation.

About McCullough Tree Service

McCullough Tree Service is a tree care company that offers professional tree services for all types of trees. We aim to help our customers find the best solution for their tree care problems. Our tree services include:

– Tree removal

– Tree demossing

– Tree assessment

– Tree maintenance

– Root fertilization

– Pruning and trimming

– Tree cleanup after a storm

– Treatment of tree infestation and disease

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